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Innovative Body Language Training for Corporates

Common Business Challenges:

  Do you need to….

  • Know if an employee, candidate or client is lying to you?

  • Save time and money on internal investigations?

  • Reduce staff turnover and recruiting costs?

  • Reduce misunderstandings and customer complaints?

  • Defuse conflict and influence people without words?

  • Build stronger relationships with clients or the media?

  • Win new business through authentic sales?

  • Reduce time spend in un productive meetings?

  • Communicate with people who don’t speak your language?

I can help you learn and apply the science of body language to business challenges like the above so you can better connect with and understand  your clients and colleagues to resolve challenges through effective communication. This means you can spend more time with your family and on things you love doing. 


Body Language training will reveal to you the non-verbal insights, science and skills of recognising the true meaning of facial expressions to understand better the needs of your clients and colleagues. Ruth uses METV Micro Expression Training with videos to help clients quickly understand Micro Expressions and apply them to real life situations. There is plenty of time to practice and sharpen your new skill.  This helps you to become a more powerful leader and a successful negotiator.

 You will…

  • Discover all the secrets of facial expressions to see what others think or feel.

  • Be personally coached by an expert in body language and business psychology.

  • Be able to recognize the meaning of facial expressions in crucial moments of negotiations, sales, business meetings and job interviews.

  • Learn how to spot 80% of the 4 - 200 lies you hear everyday.

We offer individually tailored Corporate ½ day and 1 day trainings for:

  • Lawyers, Judges, Arbitrators, Negotiators and Mediators

  • HR Professionals

  • CEO's, Directors and Managers

  • Marketing and Front of House Professionals

WARNING this training in FUN! Training combines theory, demonstrations, videos, role plays and exercises to keep delegates engaged. We use your corporate sales scripts, interview questions etc. to make the training 100% relevant to your business. We can visit your offices before the training to observe your delegates in action and see where we can add even greater value by using practical examples and real life situations.  

We measure this soft skill by using a pre and post training test, so you can see how much your delegates have learnt. Data can be compared with sales figures to work out your ROI.  This transformative training produces rapid results. We find most people increase their scores by at least 30% during the training.

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Body Language and Facial Expressions Training