Coaching Success Stories 

We love sharing our client’s success stories. Our clients Rose, Robert and Jessica wanted to share their journeys to inspire others who were thinking about coaching.  


Rose came to Inspired Star as she wanted to set up her own beauty business and take advantage of being self-employed. She was not sure how to take the first steps and wanted someone to support her. Rose was changing careers to the beauty industry as she really enjoyed doing treatments as a hobby and wanted to leave her full time job.

How we helped Rose:

Session one: We discussed Rose’s vision for the new business and why she was so passionate about doing it. We started creating a business plan so Rose knew what she needed to find out to complete her business plan. (for example competitors, pricings, locations, market research, tax / NI issues, insurance, consent forms, risk assessments, suppliers, banking, web hosting etc.)

Session two: Rose came back with her business plan which we discussed and updated. We talked about how she could get the business started with minimum risk. It was decided once she had got her marketing underway she would drop her hours at her fulltime job so she could start doing treatments, at this point from home. We created a checklist to make sure she put in place all the legal and accounting things she needed to do to set up the business. We also found Rose a mentor who had become a full-time beautician so she could learn from her too.

Session three: Rose now had everything ready to go. We went through the checklist of things she had done to set up the business so she was confident everything was in place. We created a marketing plan and put it in to action. Rose worked on her website and put up posters. We also got her to create an elevator pitch and video it so she was confident in how she was coming across to potential clients. She was thrilled when she started getting bookings.

Session four: Rose now had a small client base, so started looking for rooms to let. She found the perfect room at a local gym next to the hospital. We discussed the benefits of renting the room. Rose was apprehensive at first as she was worried whether she would get enough people through the door. We reviewed what she had achieved so far, the new clients she had attracted and what their feedback had been. She decided to take the room on a trial basis. Rose did more publicity talking to people in the gym and hospital and created gift vouchers.

Session five: Word of mouth quickly spread and new clients started getting treatments. We made sure Rose had all the polices in place she needed and her accounting systems etc. were working. We reviewed how the marketing was working and how she was finding the new work. She decided once she was reaching her target number of clients consistently she would resign from her old job.  

Rose was able to leave her old career after a couple of months and now enjoys the freedom of working for herself. Rose was able to set up the business and get it running quickly as she had someone to bounce ideas off who had been in her shoes. 


Robert’s job was under threat so he wanted to look at his career options.

Session one: We discussed where Robert was now and where he wanted to get. He decided he would need to look for a new job but wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do. We went through the “dream job creator” experience to help him work out exactly what he wanted his mission to be. Robert then created a skills list which could be used to help formulate a CV, cover letter and interview answers. We looked at where job vacancies where most likely to come up and which companies might be worth contacting.

Session two: Robert applied for a couple of jobs and got an interview. To help him prepare for the interview we ran through our interview preparation training which includes how to research the company and the people interviewing you. The type of industry questions he might be asked, how to use positive body language, what to wear, what questions he should be asking the company, how to polish his answers and how to prepare a business case / proposal to show what he could bring to the role.

Session three: Robert was successful in his interviews and got a job offer. Robert would now be managing people, something which he had not officially done before. We planned out how we could help with leadership style, influencing people, effective presentations, leading meetings, talking to the media, negotiating, building team morale, connecting with difficult people etc. this meant that when he had a question he knew he could come get support in those areas if he needed to.

Robert is doing well in his new job and we love hearing how he is getting on.


Jessica had been depressed for years and now she found it really hard to even get out of bed in the morning. She had been to her doctor who had suggested antidepressants, something she didn’t want to do. She came to us after being referred by a friend. 

Session One: We wanted Jessica to feel safe and heard, she told us what had been going on and why she didn’t want to feel this way anymore. We explained our approach to overcoming depression is a purely coaching non-medical approach.  We explained the crazy 8 model of depression and helped Jessica to create a compelling future. We created her first step so she left with a sense of hope.

Session two: We went through various strategic intervention techniques to help Jessica understand the physiology and neuro-science behind depression and how by creating a strategy toolbox she could choose to feel happy any moment. We taught her grounding techniques, how to forgive the issues which originally caused the depression, how to create a feel good menu, how to change her state in a heartbeat, how supporting others would give her a sense of belonging and achievement and taking regular exercises raises the feel good chemicals in her brain. We also looked at her diet, who she was around who might be bringing her down and what steps she could take every day to start making a difference.

With these new strategies Jessica was able to turn her life around. She was able to find a new job, took up a language course and running and met her now husband.