"Thank you so much, I'll now pick up on so many more expressions which I couldn't of even been aware of before! Very Enjoyable"

Susie, Talent Programme Manager


"A really useful tool for both interviews and everyday meetings"

Faith, Project Manager

What our Delegates Say

"I found this a fascinating and insightful subject that will be very valuable to my work"

Sarah, Performance Coach and Trainer  

"I learnt so much from the training. You taught the concepts in a fun and interactive way and I have been able to apply the knowledge to my supplier negotiations"

Mike, Global Product Manager

"A fascinating insight into Micro Expressions. Looking forward to applying the techniques at work."

Jo, Accountant

1 Day Micro Expressions and Body Language Course

This is our most popular Open Course. We combine Body Language and Micro Expressions so you get the best of both. This is aimed at those who want to better understand those around them and be able to adapt their responses to the situation they are in.  So whether you would like to better connect with your colleagues and clients, come across better at interview or a public speaking event this is the course for you.

Field Coaching

In addition to training courses we also offer one to one Field Coaching and video interpretations. May be you have a big negotiation, a tricky client or an important role to fill and would like someone to coach you through the live situation and help you spot what the client or candidate is really saying. We can help you ask the right questions and notice the things you might have otherwise missed. Please call us to find out more details +44 (0) 207 1938001.

Location: UK and Overseas

We cover:

1. Discover how to read 26 universal facial expressions on people’s faces and their interpretations.
2. Measure your score on the Micro Expressions (facial emotions) test and improve your results during the training.
3. Learn the simple tactics on how to adjust your communication to the non-verbal signs you see. Critical in negotiations and sales.

4. Discover how to uncover lies and hidden agendas.
5. Identify the needs of people around you because you can see what they feel or think.
6. Learn the basics of our powerful BLINK Conversation Technique, which can be used in HR, Legal or sales conversations to learn exactly what the other people are really thinking.

7. Practice Body Language in public speaking and interviews so you come across your best.

All of our courses are very interactive with tailored exercises, role plays and videos to suit all learning styles. There is a fun pre and post training quiz to see how your scores improve. We know you will have a lot of fun working out what each other are really thinking! 

1 Day Mediator Master Class 

Our Mediator Master Class is designed for Mediators looking to perfect their mediation skills by better understanding the needs, motives and body language of others. Mediators can then tailor their own body language and approach to help the parties create more meaningful solutions.

This is the only course in the world which specifically trains Mediators in Micro Expressions. Interpreting Micro Expressions is a fundamental skill for a Mediator to have because they will be able to see when people are holding something back, spot the lies, see where there is more flexibility in solutions and create stronger rapport and trust from an earlier stage. 


We cover: 

  1. 26 universal facial expressions and their interpretation

  2. Body Language basics

  3. Building rapport and influencing without talking

  4. Detecting hidden agendas and lies

  5. Using the powerful “Q4” and “BLINK” techniques

This course is a fun mix of videos, theory, role plays and demonstrations. After this course you really will see people in a different light.

Body Language and Micro Expressions Training

Every year we run a number of Open Courses. Courses are kept small (6-9 delegates) so you have the opportunity to get fully involved.  Please contact us to talk about tailored corporate bookings at your offices. Discounted rates are available when booking more than one place or providing the venue.  

Our Open Courses and Field Coaching