If you are aspiring to management or being a business owner this coaching programme will help you to develop new strategies, interpersonal and leadership skills, which will really impact on the success of your new role or business. Programmes are carefully tailored to your individual challenges and aspirations so you get maximum value for your investment.


Our Big Picture Success Coaching Programme delivers inspiration, support and accountability to make your goals a reality.

Fed up of not getting the results you want or deserve? For most people it’s because they are not crystal clear on what they really need. For others they play it safe or sabotage their success. We understand this and help you create your Success Plan so you are in control of your own destiny, not others or the doubts inside your head.

Our professional executive coaches work in 7 main ways:

1. Believing in our client's talents and what they can share with the world.  

2. Asking you the right questions at the right time, to help you move forward.

3. Challenging your reasoning, so you can see things from a different prospective.

4. Helping you find your priorities, eliminate conflicts and break down barriers.

5. Preventing you sabotaging your success and falling back into bad patterns.

6. Breaking goals down into easy steps, so your confidence can grow day by day.

7. Holding you accountable every step of the way, so you make the progress you want.  


I can help you Master 3 main areas:

  • Creating Innovative Business Strategies

  • Perfecting your Leadership Skills

  • Mastering your personal and business relationships

Like putting together a jigsaw you can pick the pieces you would like help with, to create your “Big Picture Success”.

Here’s some of the pieces you can choose;

Perfecting Leadership

  • Strategies to help you influence team member’s thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviours so you gain different results, by tapping into team member’s unique qualities and needs.

  • Different techniques to see instant results in people’s outlook and energy levels to create a happy working environment which inspires your team.

Innovative Business Strategies

  • Explore what your clients really want and how this fits in with your current resources and business model, so you can deliver a product or service beyond their expectations and bring in new clients.

  • Re-evaluate your business aspirations and bring them in line with the latest technologies to ensure you become a market leader in your area of practice.

  • Are you after a new job, pay rise or promotion? I love sharing influencing strategies.

  • Awesome tips to help you resolve conflicts in business and personal relationships.

Interpersonal Mastery   

  • Body language tips so you can make a great first impression, build stronger rapport with clients and colleagues and overcome challenges just by how you hold your body.

  • Whether you are due to present on TV or make a presentation to colleagues, I can help you enhance your confidence,  overcome your nerves and deliver a message with real impact.

  • Are you a new Mum looking to balance your leadership role with children? We can offer help and support to make sure you get the best of both worlds, by helping you clarify your life priorities.

  • We also have training and coaching specific to coping with stress, depression, understanding emotions and helping people through difficult times. Click on the Strategic Intervention button below for more details.   

I look forward to helping you make a massive transformation, to sign up or find out more please click below.

Executive Leadership Coaching 

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