Newsletter: Spring 2015 including: 1 minute psychology insight, lets get fit in 2015 and 2015 considerations for law firms 

Article: Dispute Resolution Strategies: How you can help your client. Often disputes are a cause of stress for coaching clients. This article explains how you can best help a client to resolve a dispute.  

Guide: Dyslexia Guide for Legal Professionals. 
With so many legal professionals having dyslexia, Inspired Star has created this guide to help you understand more about it. It covers what dyslexia is, reasonable adjustments, how to manage a dyslexic employee and how to best help a dyslexic client understand legal processes and documents.  

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Sometimes it's the small comments which make the massive changes in peoples lives. Like a ripple effect if you dropped a pebble into a Scottish Loch, one small piece of knowledge could change many lives for the better, so please share our articles if you find them useful.


Interview with Sarah Alexander Founder of Coaching Magnificence  "How Learning Body Language Enhances Discernment" 




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We all have intuition about people, places and things. Sometimes we have a feeling about something but we are not quite sure what is the right thing to do. Learning Body Language and Micro Expressions can greatly improve our Emotional Intelligence and enhance our discernment so we make the right choices for us

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