Thank you for enquiring about our "Big Picture Success" Coaching Programme

All Programmes are currently full, please contact us to be put on the waiting list.

So how does it work?

3 Easy Steps

  1. Submit a Questionnaire
  2. Fill in paper work (enrolment form, coaching agreement, investment) 
  3. Book a session 

Inspired Star only works with clients totally committed to obtaining their goals. This way we can guarantee our clients will get results.
At Inspired Star we know it’s the first step which makes all the difference. Please click the Questionnaire button to help you think about where transformation is needed in your business or personal life.

Once we have received your Questionnaire we will know if our coaching programme is suitable for your needs. If successful we will invite you to fill in the enrolment form with your investment.

Once submitted, your first exciting strategy session can be booked on our online booking system. The first session is normally 60 minutes and is used to plan your coaching sessions, find out where you are and how you would like to best use your time. We will help you explore the areas you would like to see lasting changes in, explain how we will help you achieve your goals and give you your first fun challenge to set you on your way.

Inspired Star encourages you to plot your progress, note distinctions and if you like, share your journey with mentees at a later date.
Unlike many other coaching providers, Inspired Star is flexible in the number of sessions our clients initially sign up for, because we believe you will create results from day one. Our coaching sessions are designed to create maximum impact and value for investment.  

Sessions can be tailored to meet your busy schedule, we offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions of different durations.


Clients can choose from a pay as you go or a tailor made package. If clients require purely non-business coaching we are happy to provide coaching at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more details.

Our fees reflect the value of investment you will receive out of each session, whether you are looking for value for money or emotional impact. When deciding how much you would like to invest in yourself or your business, think about what the results of this investment will bring.

Investment Guide 2017 :

We have two different investment models:

  • "Investment by Results" suitable for one off measurable goals £380 per hour.
  • Tailored Programmes

Tailored Telephone Coaching Programme Examples:

"Big Picture Success" Coaching Programme 4 hours to be used within 2 months £ 1,228.00

"Ultimate Big Picture Success" Coaching Programme 6 hours to be used within 3 months £ 2,135.00

"VIP Ultimate Big Picture Success" Coaching Programme 33 hours over 1 year £ 9,395.00

We also have a tailored Trainee Solicitor / Paralegal coaching programme, please contact us directly for details.

FACE TO FACE coaching is available. Please provide details of your requirements so we can provide you with our best price. 

Inspired Star also runs workshops for up to 8 people on various business related topics.

For investment and availability please email us at or call +44 (0) 207 1938001.

ONLINE BOOKING FORM:Please click here to select a time and date.

Compare Our Coaching Packages

Big Picture Success
Ultimate Big Picture Success
VIP Ultimate Big Picture Success
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Sessions (length 1 hour) 


2 Months
3 Months

1 Year

Fortnightly Body Language and Coaching Tips


Access to Resources Library




Networking in Private Facebook Group


Priority Tickets to Seminars


Earn Rewards with our Referral Scheme


Complementary check in email

up to 3 a week

Body Language Seminar
25% discount
50% discount

1 Free Ticket

Face to Face Coaching Session
add on extra
add on extra

2 Hours included

Field Coaching
add on extra
add on extra

2 Hours included

Free Introduction Session for Friends

2 x 30 Minute Sessions

Investment Plan Invest Monthly  

£783 per month

Investment Lump Sum Paid in Full


Each year Inspired Star provides gratis coaching to people who are really committed to turning their lives around but don't have the funds to make it a reality. This August we teamed up with "Coaching Movie" to provide even more FREE help to people.


  • January 2015 Inspired Star helped 5 people make a difference in their lives through this scheme.

  • February 2015 Inspired Star helped 4 people.

  • March 2015 Inspired Star helped 4 people.

  • April 2015 Inspired Star helped 3 people.   

  • May 2015 Inspired Star helped 5 people

  • June 2015 Inspired Star ran a 1/2 Day Body Language Course for 7 people

  • July 2015 Inspired Star helped 3 people.

  • August 2015 Inspired Star helped 4 people.

  • September 2015 Inspired Star helped 3 people

  • October 2015 Inspired Star helped 2 people

  • November 2015 Inspired Star so far has helped 2 people

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